About Electroforming

Electroforming – Building Mesh Atom By Atom

Electroforming is a method of precision metal making and is key in the fabrication of micro scale metal pieces. Ours is a specialized additive process where we grow high precision mesh products by electro deposition onto a conductive mandrel surface and then remove it.

Using pure nickel, copper or gold we chemically deposit thin layers of metal, atom by atom, building each custom piece to your exact specifications.
This proprietary process enables Precision Eforming to manufacture the most consistent and accurate materials with exceptional surface finish properties and dimensional stability.

Electroforming vs. Other Metal Making Processes

Compared to other basic metal forming processes (casting, forging, stamping, deep drawing, machining and fabricating) electroforming is very effective when requirements call for extreme precision, tight tolerances, or complexity in design. The resolution subsequent from the photographically produced conductive patterned substrate, allows finer geometries to be produced to tighter tolerances while maintaining superior edge definition with a near optical finish. Electroformed metal is extremely pure, with superior properties over wrought metal due to its refined crystal structure. Multiple layers of electroformed metal can be molecularly bonded together.

Advantages of Electroforming Include:

  • Superior Edge Acuity – Virtually within .1 micron variation and burr free.
  • Ultra Precise Apertures –  Precision down to the single micron increments.
  • Unparalleled Tolerances – Tolerances of +/-1um are typical and unobtainable with other manufacturing methods.
  • Consistent Repeatability – Complex designs can be reproduced with near exactness.
  • Pure Metal Materials – Nickel, gold and copper materials available with purity levels of 99.8+ %