Layered Metal Mesh

“Multi-layered metals” refers to a mesh that is composed of two or more separate metals with different coefficients of thermal expansion that are fused together. Unlike alloys which are a mixture of two or more metals, multilayered mesh consist of layers of separate pure metals. Multiple layers of electroformed metals can be molecularly bonded together, or to different substrate materials to produce complex structures. At Precision Eforming, Nickel, Copper and Gold can be multi-layered or flashed over each other or any conductive metal.

Forms a Protective BarrierMany types of multi-layered, electroformed metals can create a barrier on the substrate that protects it against atmospheric conditions such as corrosion.
Reduces FrictionNickel flashing can reduce the build-up of friction in certain materials such as electrical connectors.
Conducts ElectricityLayering with copper or gold alloys can enhance electrical conductivity, making it a highly-effective process for the manufacturing of electronics and electrical components.
Resists HeatMulti-layering processes, such as gold, are capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures.
Increases HardnessMulti-layered metals are sometimes used to make brittle materials stronger and more durable.
Prevents TarnishingCertain Bi-metallic layering can protect against premature tarnishing in certain kinds of metals and also reduce the likelihood of scratching.

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