The Electroforming Process | Superior Edge Acuity

Why Use Electroforming?

Electroforming is an additive method of producing metal parts through electrodeposition. Our specialized process allows us to ‘grow’ precision mesh products with extreme precision and unmatched tolerances. Atom by atom, metal products are manufactured resulting in exceptional surface finish properties and dimensional stability. Commonly confused with Electroplating, Electroforming is one the most precise, repeatable, lesser known manufacturing processes in the world.

Electroforming is the process of applying a metal layer to a conductive surface through the use of an electrochemical cell. This electrochemical cell consists of a cathode and an anode. The cathode is the part to be plated while the anode is the metal that is deposited to the surface. The electrodes are submerged into an electrolytic solution and an electric current is passed through it. This will reduce metal cations to form a metal coating on the cathode. It is subsequently removed.

Electroforming is superior to other metal product fabricating methods (such as etching, stamping, machining) in many ways. One primary benefit of electroforming is the superior edge acuity that it provides. Virtually burr free, feature edges commonly have less than .5 micron of variance.Another benefit is the consistency and repeatability that can be achieved through electrodeposition. The resolution subsequent from photolithography produced patterns, allows for the finest geometries to be produced with the tightest tolerances achievable in metal manufacturing. As the final product is a direct replication of the photo tool used, it can be repeated over and over again with near exactness.

Metal purity is also a key benefit of electroforming. Metal products formed through this process are near pure, with superior properties over wrought metal due to its refined crystal structure.

The electroforming process provides ultra precise product replication. The high resolution of the patterned substrate allows for the finest features, tightest tolerances and superior edge acuity. This results in the highest quality of production available. Whether your requirement is of low or high volume, electroforming is the perfect choice for cost efficient, superb quality results.